BMW, Honda, Mercedes Benz Genuine Spare Parts Dealer in Dubai, Sharjah - UAE

About Us

The Company

FINE LAND is a specialized company based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates since 1996 dealing in spare parts suitable for BMW & HONDA Cars.

Management and Staff

The Directors of the company has over 30 years of experience in BMW & HONDA car spare parts and we have experienced, qualified and friendly Sales team and office staff who ensures a friendly, quick and immediate services to our valued clients.

We have centrally located retail outlet with warehouse to fulfill our export and domestic market requirements.



With readily available huge stock, we ensure a immediate attention and prompt delivery. If at any time, we do not have stock of Non-fast moving items, we have arrangement of getting the materials quickly from our supply source thru Courier, Air freight and Sea freight with the best forward delivery quote. Our whole business is dedicated to supply our customers, immediate delivery with a very personal friendly attention and highly competitive price.

What are GENUINE, OEM& Aftermarket Parts?

How many of our customers know the difference between Genuine, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), and aftermarket parts? As one of the leading supplier of these parts, we thought we’d dedicate this post to teasing out the differences (and similarities) in automobile part sources.

Dealer / Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are sold by, well, dealers. If you go to a BMW or HONDA showroom and buy a new part, it was either manufactured by BMW  OR HONDA or by an original equipment manufacturer under contract to BMW OR HONDA. Normally, you won’t be able to differentiate between the two just by inspecting the part. Carmakers like BMW & HONDA farm out a lot of their manufacturing to subcontractors (OEMs). An OEM will make a part in strict adherence to the carmaker’s specification, and will normally stamp the carmaker’s name onto the part. For instance, Lemforder is a manufacturer of suspension parts and is a main supplier to BMW. When Lemforder makes a part for BMW, the BMW logo will be stamped on or affixed to it. As far as you are concerned, it’s a BMW part and you’ll pay the BMW price for it.

OEM Parts

Are you interested in saving 25 percent to 75 percent on automobile parts? That’s how much you can save if you buy an OEM parts. You get the same part that BMW / HONDA ordered, but you don’t get the BMW / HONDA logo – or the BMW / HONDA markup. For instance, the only difference between the Lemforder OEM parts that we sell and the same parts sold at BMW dealerships is that the dealer parts are stamped with a BMW logo. The Lemforder OEM parts you buy from us have a grind mark instead of the BMW logo — the logo has been ground off. Except for the logo, the parts are exactly the same – they came from the same factory.

Aftermarket Parts

Another great way to save big bucks on automobile parts are to buy aftermarket parts. These are parts made by manufacturers not affiliated with the carmaker, but who make parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. The design of an aftermarket part may differ from, and may be superior to, the corresponding dealer part. For instance, if a dealer part is found to have a high failure rate, an aftermarket parts-maker can introduce an enhanced internal design that fixes the failures without departing from the part’s specifications.

Used Parts

These are the parts which has been detached from the cars which has gone scrap due to major accidents, natural calamities etc. These parts are normally genuine parts which have been used for few kms / miles.


Got the parts in a timely fashion,and the parts fit perfectly, I will continue to buy from Fine Land. Chris

Chris Williams

Wide Range of Brands and best prices. Availability never disappointed.


Dealing with them since 2002, I am satisfied with them for their commitments on genuine parts of the brand and best price


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